Edward Jones upgraded Analog Devices (NASDAQ:ADI) from Hold to Buy, recognizing the company’s advantageous position to gain from the increasing demand for automation.

The analysts pointed out that the expansion of automated and connected devices across various sectors will likely lead to a higher number of chips required per device. This trend is expected to benefit Analog Devices significantly.

Furthermore, the firm anticipates a surge in chip demand due to the evolution of the automotive industry. Cars with advanced features and a shift towards more electric vehicles are predicted to necessitate a greater number of chips per vehicle.

The analyst also noted the unique advantages of Analog Devices’ hybrid manufacturing approach. This strategy is believed to yield higher cash flow and require less capital investment compared to industry peers, thus enhancing the company’s financial flexibility.

Currently, ADI’s shares are trading at about 20 times Edward Jones’ fiscal 2025 earnings estimate. This valuation aligns with its historical average. Despite ADI’s recent underperformance compared to other technology stocks, partly due to a slowdown in chip demand and growth, the analysts see the shares as attractively valued and believe in the company’s potential for recovery and growth.

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