Goldman Sachs analysts offered tactical trade ideas for the week, suggesting that clients consider buying Dell (NYSE:DELL) shares in anticipation of the company’s analyst day on October 5.

The analysts expect the focus of the event to be on the company’s AI opportunities. The discussions are likely to revolve around the size of the AI opportunity, the types of customers Dell can serve, and its positioning in the AI infrastructure market.

Additionally, Goldman anticipates Dell addressing the potential impact of AI on traditional data center infrastructure demand. The analysts also expect discussions on market size, Dell’s market share strategy, updates to long-term revenue and EPS growth targets, and insights into the company’s capital allocation framework. There is potential for updates to Dell’s current long-term targets of 3-4% annual revenue growth and 6%+ annual EPS growth.

Furthermore, Goldman highlighted that Dell has exceeded its long-term shareholder capital return target of 40-60% of adjusted FCF (free cash flow).

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