Jefferies analysts pointed out that Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone sales continue to face challenges in the Chinese market. Based on industry assessments, the analysts observed that although the overall smartphone volume growth in China has improved from a significant single-digit decrease to nearly flat year-on-year, this change is largely due to a minor increase in Android and Huawei sales, contrasted by a substantial drop in iPhone sales.

The analysts noted that the decline in iPhone sales has lessened slightly but remains in the low double digits. However, there has been a notable sequential recovery. They attribute this ongoing issue partly to a high baseline from the previous year, especially for the iPhone, which was impacted by production disruptions in November.

Furthermore, the analysts highlighted that substantial discounts on the iPhone 14 series offered by JD, Tmall (the official Apple Store), and PDD have aided in the iPhone’s sequential sales improvement. The analysts also mentioned that the discounts have now shifted to the iPhone 15 series, while older Android models continue to see significant price reductions.

Jefferies anticipates that January might present a more challenging comparison for year-on-year growth. However, the firm suggests that the market should focus more on sequential volume and demand in the high-end segment.

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