Analyst at Mizuho Securities raised their rating on Emerson (NYSE:EMR) from Neutral to Buy, with an increased price target of $118.00. This upgrade comes in response to rising market multiples and the prospects of a re-rating following Emerson’s transformational portfolio actions. These actions are expected to drive growth and improve margins, particularly from 2024 onwards.

Despite the understanding of bearish arguments, Emerson’s shares have underperformed due to drastic changes in its portfolio. However, there’s a sense that investor concerns may start to diminish, leading to increased engagement in 2024. Emerson is positioned as a “barbell” investment, where its long-cycle process/hybrid segment provides a stable growth source, complemented by the recovery of the “short-cycle” divisional orders/sales expected to start around mid-year.

This short-cycle end, including discrete automation, T&M, and productivity, The analysts also raised the 2024 earnings per share (EPS) estimate to $5.20 from $5.10, citing potential for additional upside. Additionally, they set a new 2025 EPS estimate at $5.80, based on mid-single-digit growth expectations.

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