Oppenheimer analysts predict Netflix’s (NASDAQ:NFLX) initiatives, including enforcing stricter password sharing policies, launching ad-supported tiers, and refining subscription options, will fuel the streaming giant’s revenue expansion throughout the year. Amidst the growing competition, Netflix retains its lead as the top streaming service, capturing a significant portion of the U.S. television audience.

The firm emphasizes Netflix’s continued dominance, attributed to its unmatched prowess in creating highly engaging content and superior content monetization strategies compared to its rivals. As a result, Oppenheimer raised its price target for Netflix to $725 from $615. They project a 4% annual increase in average revenue per membership in 2024, propelled by recent price hikes for its basic and premium plans in markets like the U.S., U.K., and France. This pricing strategy contributed to a revenue climb to $8.8 billion in the last quarter.

Furthermore, Oppenheimer forecasts that Netflix will outperform Wall Street predictions for net subscriber growth by 31% in the coming three years, reinforcing its position in the streaming landscape.

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