Mizuho analysts increased their price target for NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) to $1,000 from the previous $850, while maintaining a Buy rating on the stock. The analysts emphasized NVIDIA as the leading beneficiary in the near-term artificial intelligence (AI) landscape, with AMD and Broadcom also gaining significant benefits.

The analysts anticipate strong momentum in NVIDIA’s AI-driven revenue through 2024/25, underpinned by the GH200, B100, and B200 models, forecasting data center revenues to reach approximately $89 billion in 2024, with potential for further upside. By 2027, AI data center revenues could approach $280 billion, with NVIDIA at the forefront and AMD and Broadcom experiencing robust growth in their AI segments.

Specifically, AMD is expected to be a major player in the expanding AI GPU market, potentially achieving AI revenues of around $4-5 billion in 2024, significantly exceeding current projections, and possibly hitting around $18 billion by 2027. Broadcom, with its custom silicon solutions for customers, is poised to see its AI revenues increase from an estimated $8 billion in 2024 to possibly $20 billion in 2027, positioning it strongly in the AI technology race.

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